The roller coaster ride that is weather in Acadiana is about to take another dip below normal as we head into the Mardi Gras holiday. While just a few days ago we were basking in warm sunshine for the Scott Mardi Gras parade come Fat Tuesday we might be bundled up a bit as the revelry really kicks into high gear.

Forecasters with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles say there is a good chance of rain in our forecast for today (Wednesday) and tomorrow (Thursday). The good news is those rain chances drop significantly for Friday and Saturday. So Mardi Gras and other events planned for those days should roll on without any issues.

The forecast for Sunday, however, is a much different story. A cold front will be approaching the area and will bring with it a strong possibility of showers and storms. We don't expect the day to be a total washout and parades and events scheduled for Sunday could dance between the raindrops if the timing of the storm systems arrival and passage workout just right.

The outlook for Lundi Gras and Mardi Gras is calling for cloudy skies and much colder temperatures than we've experienced over the past few days. The forecast high for Monday is only 52 with temperatures dropping into the upper 30's after sundown.

For Mardi Gras day skies should be cloudy and temperatures only a slight bit warmer than what we should see on Lundi Gras. Right now forecasters have the high pegged at 54 degrees for Tuesday. The good news, the wind will lay down a little so you won't have to worry about wind chill while you're reaching out for beads and beverages.

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