If you're in some desolate wasteland of college football like Columbus Ohio, Norman Oklahoma, or South Bend Indiana you won't get it. But if you're from a place where the winters are warm and summers are too darn hot and it's never not football season, aka Louisiana and Alabama, then you know just how big this Saturday really is.

This Saturday the focus of the God-fearing football world will be honed in on the second ugliest town in the United States, Tuscaloosa Alabama. This Saturday LSU will play Alabama in a game will shape the landscape of the college football world.

Granted, in recent years the rivalry has been more like a meeting between a  hammer and a nail instead of an even tilt. The last time LSU beat 'Bama was in 2011. Still, football fans aren't satisfied to watch this one on TV. They want to be in the stadium to feel the energy, hear the crowd, talk the trash, and reign supreme when their team prevails.

Ticket prices for the game this Saturday range from $90 to $500 depending on where you want to sit. The secondary market resale site StubHub has plenty for sale but they all come with a price.

Granted there have been previous years when LSU versus Alabama tickets were in the thousands of dollars per seat range. The fever hasn't escalated to quite that level yet but an upset by the Tigers on Saturday will set the table for another expensive outing next year when the two teams meet.

By the way, ticket prices are always higher when the game is played in Baton Rouge as it will be next year. My guess is the LSU atmosphere is a lot more festive and fan friendly.

By the way, since I know you're wondering if Tuscaloosa is the second ugliest town in America then what city is number one? Lubbock Texas.



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