Some pundits are saying it's because of the location. Other's are saying the ticket-buying public is simply tired of seeing the same two teams play for the national championship. I believe in both cases those sharing an opinion about Monday's College Football Playoff finale between Alabama and Clemson are correct.

According to tickets available on the secondary market for the game are pacing about 63% lower than tickets were for last year's college football championship. Of course, last year's game was Georgia and Alabama in Atlanta. It was much easier for fan bases to make plans to attend the game.

This year's final game is set for Santa Clara California and Levi's Stadium which is about as far away from Tuscaloosa Alabama and Clemson South Carolina as you can get while still remaining in the country. The stadium itself gets a bad rap for being a horrible place to watch a football game.

The surrounding San Francisco Bay Area also gets a bad rap for being very expensive to visit. Plus hotels and parking around the stadium are also priced at a premium. But that's to be expected with a big event such as this in town.

Last year an average ticket to the 'Bama/Georgia game would have set you back almost $3,000. For Monday's game, a similar seat in a similar location will only cost you a little over $1,000.

Just to be clear not all tickets are that expensive we found some on StubHub for as little as  $118. And, by the way, there are still tickets available on other secondary market sites if you want to catch a cheap airfare and go. You're on your own when it comes to a hotel though.

Alabama and Clemson are scheduled to meet in the National Championship Game Monday night. Kick off is set for 7 PM. The game will be televised nationally on ESPN



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