Tim McGraw has quite the history of making headlines for "incidents" during his concerts.

Of course, there was the infamous horse riding incident with Kenny Chesney. Then you can't forget the couple of times Timmy Mac made the news here in Lafayette at the Cajundome. (Re: Ring Missing & Crotch-Grabbing)

He is back at it again. This time, not as big, but still worthy of showing you nonetheless.

The incident in the video below happened at a concert on Sunday in Atlanta. Tim is in the middle of "Truck Yeah" and he's on a runway with crowd all around his feet, if you will.

An overzealous fan decides she needs a piece of Tim...or his clothing. She apparently grabs a hold of a preexisting hole in his jeans and rips it even more.

This is the point where Tim goes all redneck on her and smacks her on the top of her head while shouting something Southernly to her.

I'm sure he could've handled this a little bit better, but I can't says I blame him.

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