The Man Vs. Food show on the Food Network was a favorite of mine. I liked the host of the show and I was particularly enamored by all the crazy eating challenges there are in this country. Some of the eating challenges are timed. Some of the eating challenges are simply to finish. Other challenges include eating the most spicy or the hottest dish on the menu. I don't like those.

This is video of such a challenge. The lady is Molly Schuyler who looks like she might weigh 110 pounds or so. She is a very slight woman but she can eat. She holds several records and is about to set another one right before your very eyes.

We asked this question on the air and on the Facebook page. Have you ever attempted an eating challenge? Are there any eating challenges in Acadiana that you think Jude and I should try? I think I would be pretty good at a Mexican Food challenge. I don't think I could do too much boudin or pork roast.

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