Chef, restauranteur, and celebrity chef Bobby Flay has several successful restaurants under his belt, including more than one chain.

And one of those chains, Bobby's Burgers, could be coming to Baton Rouge before too long.

Currently, Bobby's Burgers has six locations, including one in New Orleans (located inside Caesars Casino) that officially opens on February 10. There is also a planned seventh location opening in Phoenix, Arizona, in March.

But, the president of the Bobby's Burgers chain, Michael McGill, has talked up the idea of opening a location in the Baton Rouge market. A former Cold Stone Creamery and Krispy Kreme executive, McGill has a lot of experience in franchising, and he is looking to bring Flay's restaurant to new areas, including the state's capitol, according to The Advocate.

McGill says qualifications to open a Bobby's Burgers franchise include finding someone or an organization who:

  • has a sophisticated grasp on the restaurant and franchising industries;
  • has a successful track record as a best-in-class operator;
  • meets franchise financial requirements;
  • has knowledge of real estate to develop multi-unit operations.

"Baton Rouge is a major economic hub in the Southern region," McGill said. "Bobby has a distinct culture in how he created the menu. We feel that Baton Rouge has its own flavor and will be able to enjoy Bobby's creations."

Bobby's Burgers features several takes on the classic American burger, including the "Crunch Burger" (American Cheese, Potato Chips, Bobby’s Sauce) and the "Nacho Burger" (Queso, Pickled Jalapenos, Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, Tomato Chipotle Salsa).

According to McGill, Flay himself is "the company's research and development arm" because of his "insight into Americana."

Flay is a successful chef and restauranteur, and he is one of the most prolific competitive chefs out there. He's hosted a series of competitive cooking shows on Food Network, and he was also a regular competitor on the original American version of Iron Chef.

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