It's been a brutal flu season. And even here in the balmy south we've experience a lot of sickness this winter. It seems like everyone I know has gotten ill over the last couple of months, and the rest of us are hanging on till spring for dear life. My mantra has been #dontgetsick for a couple of months now! According to Dr. Constantine George 'You’re more likely to catch an illness or infection while traveling.'  UGH.

GQ has some great tips for helping you stay well while traveling. Pretty simple stuff actually, but I thought I'd pass them along. Stay well, friends!

  • Don't stress out so much - Although all travel is stressful, jet lag, dehydration, and added physical assertion can bring your immune system down.
  • Wash your hands - or at the very least, keep hand sanitizer close by at all times
  • Think about wearing a mask - people in the US aren't as comfortable with these as  some other countries, but if you're really worried about getting a bug, get one. And actually wear it.
  • Airline food is not healthy - Ever. Consider bringing snacks.
  • Touch as little as possible - dirty surfaces on a plane are just about everywhere. This is also a good time to remember that hand sanitizer you brought with you. That goes for just about everything in a hotel room as well.
  • Don't overindulge  - alcohol might take the edge off, but it also lowers your immune system
  • Sleep as much as possible - trying to get rest in a different time zone and a different bed is a recipe for disaster if you get too worn down
  • Exercise when you get to your destination - no matter how you got there, make time for some movement, so as not to get too fatigued later on. Don't completely ditch your daily routine!
  • Just take care of yourself - Remember, you are the one in charge of your health and well being!


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