Okay ladies, I need your help here. Gentlemen, pay very close attention.

Ladies, does your man have some sort of facial hair? What do you think about it? If you are single and ready to mingle (yes, I said that), do you prefer a guy with or without facial hair? Apparently this is a pretty popular question among women today.




According to a recent survey, 52% of women tend to like guys with a beard. On the other hand, we don't seem to be big fans of the mustache.

After seeing what the survey had to say, I decided to do a little one of my own amongst my female co-workers and few of my friends. My question was simply this: Do you prefer a man with facial hair or without? I thought it may be too broad of a question, until I started getting some answers.

I received replies from 15 ladies total and here are my results:

  • 4 out of 15 answered With
  • 6 out of 15 answered Without
  • 5 out of 15 answered Both

Of course I couldn't just leave it at that so I proceeded to ask each of them why? The most common answer among the 'withs' was because they like the tough and scruffy look on a guy. The 'withouts' said it was because they like to actually see a man's face and it makes them look clean.


For the five who answered both, the reason was pretty unanimous. What it boiled down to was that they don't mind a man with or without facial hair. The only stipulation is that a man must keep up with it. If a guy lets the hair on his face grow wild and scraggly. I got a lot of 'That's just not attractive at all.'

So there you have it fellas. What do you think? I know that I personally don't mind one way or the other. I have been known to veer towards guys with facial hair and I don't know why. I think my opinion is the same as all of the 'boths.' If you are growing facial hair guys, make sure to keep up with it. We all love a manly man, but we will be even more attracted to someone who really knows how to keep up with himself.

Hope you enjoyed some of my personal advice for the evening!