One of our many blessings in this country is the right to choose who our leaders will be. We the people have the power to move our city, our parish, our state, and our country in the direction that we feel best matches with our personal beliefs and ideals. The way we do all this is quite simple, we vote. Registration for those who wish to have their voice heard in the upcoming October 24th election will come to an end today.

The process for registering to vote has never been easier. It's something you could do right now or just after you've finished reading this article.  Tom Schedler, Louisiana's Secretary of State explained to the Louisiana Radio Network just how simple and convenient the process is.

You do have to have your valid Louisiana driver’s license to go online to register to vote but none the less you can do it up to midnight instead of worrying about the close of business at 4:30 p.m. at state offices.

That's it. A click of your mouse at, a valid driver's license, and you're ready to have your voice heard. Of course getting registered to vote is just one step in the process there is another thing you have to do. You actually have to vote.

Even voting has been made easier with changes in absentee voting and early voting rules.It's all been made more convenient for you both registration and casting your ballot. Secretary Schedler says the main focus of his office in an election year is quite simple too.

Urging people to take advantage of it, that’s the first step but the most important is we always say is Go Vote at the end of the day because if you just register that’s only part of the task.

You may also register to vote in person at places like the Office of Motor Vehicles in your community, the Louisiana Department of Social Services, WIC offices, food stamp offices, medicaid offices, and other government agencies.  Of course you may register at the Registrar of Voters office in your parish too.