With early voting underway through Saturday and the runoff election set for November 21st it's time voters in Louisiana started to make up their mind. The choice before the electorate is whether David Vitter or John Bel Edwards will be the best choice to be the state's next Governor.

Yesterday at the Baton Rouge Press Club both candidates spoke of the reasons why they should be the choice to replace Bobby Jindal.

In a report published by the Louisiana Radio Network, Edwards mentioned Jindal specifically and suggested that he could vastly improve on  Mr. Jindal's performance.

Now it’s time that we restore some common sense and compassion to the governor’s office. That we have a governor of all the people, whose goal is to bring us together, not divide but to move forward.

Edwards spoke of his desire to work across party lines for the betterment of the state.

It is my record in the legislature, working across the aisle with all parties to advance the common interest not the self-interest like Bobby Jindal’s been doing, but the common interest.

As for David Vitter, according to the same published report he championed the differences between his vision of Louisiana and Mr. Edwards' vision.

His campaign quite frankly is built on a myth that he is some sort of a conservative and that we don’t differ much on key issues. We do, and to suggest otherwise is just a complete myth.

Vitter told members of the audience that his record of creating jobs, expanding charter schools, and other reforms were the reason he was the best choice to lead the state for the next four  years.

I’ve opposed the big government model and Obamacare, while John Bel Edwards voted in favor of all the crucial mandates of Obamacare.

I think the biggest question left in the runoff election is this, How many people will actually get out and vote? In the election of October 24th less than 40% of registered voters felt choosing the direction of the state was important enough to actually get out and go vote for.  Let's hope that number is significantly higher because whether it's Edwards or Vitter we are going to have to live with the results, good or bad, for the next four years.