Drivers who traverse the LA Highway 1 bridge at Leeville Louisiana can expect to pay a little more in toll fees in the new year. The increase in tolls is part of a pay structure that allows toll fees to be raised every five years.

According to the Department of Transportation and Development toll fees will increase in eight different vehicle categories. Those increases will be across the board so the burden of a toll increase will be shared equally among drivers who use the bridge.

A two-axle vehicle that was going to be $3.00 is now going to be $3.75.  On the high end, a six-axle 18-wheeler truck that was paying $15.00 to cross the structure will go up $3.00 to $18.00.

DOTD Secretary Shawn Wilson made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network and went on to say that we might want to consider more toll roads and bridges in the state if we want to keep construction projects moving forward to completion.

Everyone talks about tolling and being like Texas and being like Florida and being like Alabama.  Well, as a result of tolling, they are seeing projects go under construction.  They're seeing projects completed.  And Louisiana is poised to do that as well.

Motorists who have signed up for GeauxPass will be able to continue to use Leeville Bridge without having to stop and pay a toll.

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