About two, maybe three years ago Good Morning Acadiana Co-Anchor Tom Voinche started his retirement countdown on the air. Back then it seemed like such a long way away but I think that day has finally come. If I did the math correctly this should be Tommy V's last official day on the air with KATC TV 3.

Tom is a broadcaster, a showman, a journalist and a proud resident and supporter of life in South Louisiana. For over 50 years a microphone or a camera or both have been a part of Tom's connection to you and I. He has used those tools to make sure that you and I were aware of the good and the bad that was waiting for us each day.

Tom began his love affair with broadcasting in 1961 by working at KEUN in Eunice,the radio station his father managed.From there he went on to other radio jobs and eventually television with KATC.  Tom's legacy as a broadcaster will not end when GMA fades to black this morning. He is on staff at U.L. and has been using his knowledge and experience to shape the careers of the next generation of  radio and television professionals.

To Tom his lovely wife Bonnie and "Tater" the dog I hope "retirement" is everything you hoped it would be. You have seen a lot of people pass through the chairs on the GMA set through the years, Dave Osterberg, Deborah Terribile, Candace Gayle and a few others. I know you are leaving Good Morning Acadiana in some very capable hands with Tracy Wirtz and Dave Baker. You will be remembered fondly for all of the smiles you put on the faces of so many through the years.