Back in March of this year longtime anchor on KATC TV 3, Tracy Wirtz announced she was leaving the program and the station. Wirtz had been a part of Good Morning Acadiana for the past 13 years. Then, just like that, she announced her departure with very little fanfare or pageantry.

At the time of her departure from TV 3, Wirtz referenced a desire to spend more time with her family. Something that can be very difficult to do when your day begins shortly after midnight and you're hitting the bed about the time most families in Acadiana are sitting down to supper.

As someone who lives a similar lifestyle on the same side of that not so normal clock, I can tell you it's like living in England. Your day is always six hours ahead of everyone else. That leaves very little time for social engagements, evenings out, or being there for your family.

Fast forward to now and the rumor mill is swirling about Tracy's potential return to local television. Will Tracy be on the air at KLFY TV 10? Will Tracy continue her work with the Courtesy Automotive Group? Just what in the heck is up with Tracy Wirtz?

Here's what we can confirm.

Tracy Wirtz will be a part of your weekend on 97.3 The Dawg. Tracy has been hosting a weekend radio show at the station for the past several years and she plans on being with you on Saturday afternoon between the hours of 1 pm and 6 pm.  She will also be around the ol' radio on Sunday afternoon from 1 pm to 6 pm since the Saints will play their game on Monday night.

As far as the next time you might catch Tracy on television and on what channel that might be we can't say for sure. We do know that where ever Tracy turns up she will be giving you, the listener or the viewer, the very best that she can. She likes you. She told me that and I believe her.


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