On this day in 1982, Country Music Hall of Famer Marty Robbins died of a heart attack.

Throughout his illustrious career, Robbins spent time as a NASCAR driver, actor, and songwriter. Though Robbins penned many chart topping hits, he's remembered most notably for his iconic cowboy story song "El Paso".

Released in 1959, "El Paso" went on to become of the most beloved country songs of all time. The song's popularity was so great that Robbins went on to record two followup songs. The first, "Feleena" recorded in 1966 told the story of "El Paso" from the perspective of "the Mexican girl". The second, "El Paso City" was released in 1976 and took a modern approach to the classic song.

Check out all three Marty Robbins classics below.

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