I was looking for something different to eat for lunch the other day and I decided to check out the website Yelp for some help.

Sure, I know everywhere I turn there's good food, but I wanted to try something new. Lo and behold, when I sorted the search by rating, there were several places I had never been to and even a couple I hadn't even heard of.

And to me, that's the adventure of a foodie town!

So, to help you on your next eating out adventure, or perhaps to introduce you to a new restaurant or two, I've put together the 10 highest rated restaurants in Lafayette according to Yelp reviewers. Bon manger mes amis!


1) Roly Poly - 1004 Coolidge Blvd

2) Bon Temps Grill - 1312 Verot School Rd

3) Olde Tyme Grocery - 218 W St Mary Blvd

4) Dark Roux - 3527 Kaliste Saloom Rd

5) Social Southern Table & Bar - 3901 Johnston St

6) Johnson's Boucaniere - 1111 Saint John St

7) Saigon Noodles - 2865 Ambassador Caffery

8) Pizza Artista - 5409 Johnston St

9) Black Cafe - 518 S Pierce St

10) The French Press - 214 E Vermilion St

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