I know that everybody thinks their job is more stressful than the next guy's. And some of them are. I guess the difference is whether you actually get compensated for some of that anxiety, or you just have to suck it up. UGH. In my own opinion, part of the stress of working these jobs is that the pay is so little.

USA Today compiled a list of the projected most stressful occupations for 2018. They are based on things like public interaction, environmental conditions, travel requirements, and deadline demands. I think it's incredible that some of these positions pay so little, especially when folks are putting their lives on the line. Shame on the people who think that is acceptable!

  • Military Personnel - enlisted. Thank you for your service, sorry your average salary is only $30,000 a year
  • Firefighter - $50,000 a year - not enough for saving people's lives and property on a daily basis
  • Airline Pilot - $105,000 a year
  • Police officer - people who are responsible for keeping us safe should make more than $60,000 a year
  • Event Coordinator - wouldn't want this job if something goes wrong at a wedding. You're the one left holding the bag, no matter how much you get paid for it.
  • PR Executive - just ask Harvey Weinstein's publicist how much fun he's had this year trying to keep his client's reputation out of the toilet, not to mention out of jail
  • Senior Corporate Exec - yes, more money, but also more responsibility, and more pressure
  • Broadcaster - less than $40,000 a year
  • Newspaper reporter - crazy deadlines, potentially dangerous situations, and your reputation is at stake every single day
  • Taxi Driver - only $24,000 a year, and now being undercut by Uber and Lyft. Not to mention rude and drunk customers daily

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