Let me give you a minute to formulate your own list of jobs that you would consider to be among Lafayette's least stressful jobs. I am guessing Speed Van Operator, or the person that has to answer Tony Trammel's phone or any former volunteer for the housing authority probably wouldn't make the list. But since we tend to follow fairly closely with the national trends we feel fairly certain that these are the careers you'd want to choose, if you don't want gray hair or the dire need for a drink at quitting time. You may have noticed a lot of these jobs are in the health care industry but I bet since this was a national survey we could put our own South Louisiana spin on the results. What job do you think is the least stressful here in Acadiana? If you said Joey Durel's barber or festival beer seller then I would probably agree with you. What job would you NOT want to have? Tom Voinche's mustache comber comes to mind right off the bat for me on this one.

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