I would say you are probably a pretty trustworthy person, right?  Good, so am I.  But we do know people who aren't trustworthy, right?  I bet you can think of one without even trying.  Celebrities are humans just like us, and they have their faults to the extent of being not trustable!


6) Tiger Woods- (42% of Americans can't trust him) Well, leave the poor guy alone.  All he wanted to do was just be a golfer!  And he was darn good at it, but oh never mind!

5) Arnold Schwarzenegger- (44% don't trust him) Heck, I thought this was the "dude" when I was growing up!  I never would have thought that he had a kid either.  My favorite movie from him was "Kindergarten Cop."  Mr. Kimball!  How can you not trust good ole Arnold.

4) Kayne West- ( 45%  think he is not trustable) One word: T-Swift!  I don't think she can trust him to be around while she is on stage, and I sure wouldn't either!

3) Brittney Spears- (46% think she ain't a trust worthy girl) Poor Brittney, Leave her alone!  Did you see that youtube video?  It is cool that she is a Louisiana girl, but "oh babay babay how was I supposed to know" not to trust you! And please Don't "Hit Me Baby One More Time!"

2) Charlie Sheen- (52% think he's bad bad) Enough said!

And Number One....Drum Roll

1) Paris Hilton- Oh my, how could you not trust her.  She's good looking, she's brilliant, she carries a Dawg in her purse, and she just has so much money.  Wait, did I mention she was good looking!


Who do you think you couldn't trust if you knew them?


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