OK... maybe it is just me. I ran across this article and thought, FINALLY! But then I read the rest of it and thought, ugh. So, I guess there may have been those folks in "my day" that we watched just for the sake of watching.

But here's the thing... is it just me or has there been, in the last 15 years or so, a wave of people who get the spotlight just because... I have no idea why!

They don't sing, dance, act, play football, report, model... nothing! Like Paris Hilton! They register really high on my "I don't care" meter. Nicole Richie. Dare I say it, the Kardashians. I see their faces on the front of magazines (I had to ask my daughter who they were) and then just shrug it off. Apparently, many folks DO care or they wouldn't grace the covers of so many magazines or take up time on entertainment

So I guess I'm in the minority. And that's okay. That's why they make so many flavors of ice cream. I just don't care about Paris or the K sisters...maybe I'm just getting... nope, I'm not gonna say... not gonna say it.

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