One's path to stardom can oftentimes take years and years of hard work, dedication to one's craft, and a bit of luck. In the case of my dog, it happened in a week...and he's lazy.

On Tuesday night, our family dog enjoyed a few seconds of fame on the new NBC sitcom from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson called "Young Rock." Albeit, it was only his "voice," but Kyreaux has now made celebrity-status in our household.

Let me give you a quick backstory. I got an email last week from a producer of an NBC show looking for permission to use the sounds our dog Kyreaux was making in a video I posted a few years ago.

I'll post that original video here. But first, you must know what makes our dog unique. It's his breed.

Kyreaux is a Basenji. They're from Africa, considered one of the oldest breeds of dogs, and they don't bark. That's right, their larynx isn't formed like most dogs so they physically (for the most part) can't make a barking noise. Instead, they do something that's called a baroo.

In this video I posted of him, it's him making the baroo sound. He usually only does it when he's happy or excited to see us and I have to work him into a frenzy for him to make the noise.

This video is the one the producer found and wanted to pull audio from to use in the episode. Evidentally, they had some scene featuring a dog and couldn't get a real dog to make a howling sound on command (at least that's my theory).

So, on Tuesday night (3/2), Kyreaux's voice was used on "Young Rock's" third episode.

While we can't post the clip of the video here due to copyrights, you can view the entire episode HERE. To hear Kyreaux's acting debut, forward to the 15:15 mark.

Now, Kyreaux didn't think it was a big whoop, but his family and friends thought it was cool as all get up. We'll celebrate the house's new celeb tonight by getting him a doggie cake.

And in case you're wondering, Young Rock is pretty good so far. It's new this season and they've only aired three episodes but it's a bit of a flashback to the unique upbringing of the now-famous Dwayne Johnson.

It chronicles different stages of his growing up with a professional father and the unique cast of characters that he was around, especially his dad's pro wrestler friends like Andre The Giant, Junkyard Dog, The Iron Sheik, and more.

If you would like to check out the entire third episode, click here. Or you can go to the show's page on and catch up on all three episodes that have aired so far.


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