A man in south Louisiana posted a photo of a citation he received in Washington, La and now many are scratching their head over one of the accusations.

According to the man who was given the ticket in Washington, as he was walking through a Family Dollar store he was confronted by a police officer.

The officer reportedly told the man that someone reported his careless driving and that he'd have to give him a citation because of the accusation. The officer reportedly did not see the man driving recklessly.

As the officer was talking to the man, the officer noticed that the driver had a dog in the vehicle and that's when he allegedly informed the driver of the vehicle that he'd also have to give him a citation for his dog not being restrained.

As you see in the above photo, a seatbelt violation was issued, for the dog.

Now, many on social media are asking about the citations here. If the officer didn't see the man driving carelessly, can he give him a ticket? And secondly, do pets legally have to be restrained in vehicles in Louisiana?

The man who was given the ticket in Washington, La. did post a photo of a device that does indeed restrain his pet while in the vehicle and he says that the dog was restrained on that day.


The viral post on Facebook included the following statement from the man given the citation and it read, "I made sure he knew I would see him in court and that it would be a cold day in hell before they see a dollar from me over that!"


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