We work hard for money, and the last thing we need is some lazy scam artists taking it from us. Call blocking specialists CPR Call Blocker has just released their "Top Five US Telephone Scams" to help you keep you and your family's money safe from scammers.
The YouGov survey, commissioned by call blocking specialists CPR Call Blocker, also showed that 11% of US adults have been a victim of a telephone scam. Of those who have been scammed, 20% said they had lost between $500 and $10,000 as a result.

The survey revealed that victims have been scammed most by:

  • IRS scams (33%)
  • Credit/Loan scams (31%)
  • Lottery/Sweepstake scams (27%)
  • Banking scams (22%)
  • Automated message scams (16%)

YouGov surveyed 1,195 US adults online between 27th-31st May 2016.