When Halloween has finally come and gone and we turn the calendar to November we usually breathe a sigh of relief in Louisiana. The Hurricane Season is winding down and historically Louisiana doesn't see tropical storms in the final month of the season.

While all that is great, there is still a severe weather threat that you might not be aware of. That threat is tornadoes. Since 1950 Louisiana has had 150 reported and confirmed tornado touchdowns. Texas has seen 276 and our neighbors to the east, Mississippi, and Alabama have seen 176 and 178 reported storms respectively.

If you adjust those numbers based on the land area of each state then Mississippi is actually the hotbed of tornadic activity in November followed closely by Louisiana.

It's as if the tornado belt more commonly associated with the Midwest and Great Plains sags like a SoundCloud rapper's pants toward the Gulf Coast.  The reason for the increased tornadic threat is the availability of warm moist Gulf of Mexico air and the parade of approaching cold fronts that bring winter weather to the nation.

So keep this in mind and make sure that your children know what to do if they are at home alone when severe weather threatens. It's also a good idea to discuss with your child areas of your home that would likely be a safe haven in the event of severe weather while you are not there.



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