You don't usually hear about the popular USMC Toys for Tots program until much later in the year. The Marines have been collecting and distributing toys to needy families since 1947, but this year things are kicking off a little early.

The organizers of the program have decided that they can't wait until Christmas to help families who are in need due to the coronavirus epidemic. Over 800 communities in all 50 states participate in helping put a smile a kids faces at Christmas, and over 18 million toys have been given out.

Toys for Tots has partnered with the Good 360 charity to distribute toys, games and books to two million children who are being affected by this global pandemic. According to their website, Good 360 'distributes needed goods through their network of vetted and approved non profits all across the country. Families who are interested in this donation should work with a non profit in their community'. Non Profits who are interested in becoming a Good 360 partner can click here for info.

Thank you Marines, for stepping up to the plate once again in a time of crisis. Semper Fi!


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