We all know country music star Trace Adkins for his years of success on the national stage. However, did you know he got his start right here in Acadiana?

That's right, his first band was based here and comprised of a bunch of Cajuns. The band was called Bayou and had quite a successful run in the mid-1980s.

Back then, Trace went by his real first name, Tracy.

He was joined in the band by some really talented musicians who each in their own rights would go on to have great successes. The band consisted of Kip Sonnier, Steve Grisaffe, Benny Sonnier and Eddie Bodin.

Steve Grisaffe posted a video yesterday that he says hasn't been seen in 34 years! As you'll see, the video is an interview the band did with KLFY TV-10 back in 1985.

The story highlights the band and their single at the time "Bayou Sunrise".

Hit the "Wayback Wednesday" button and enjoy these baby-faced musicians back in the day!

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