The National Weather Service network of radar stations is now picking up the rainfall and storm signature of Hurricane Harvey. That means that the center of circulation of the storm system is close enough to the radar site for the electronic waves to create a very dynamic picture of the storm.

The radar scan from Brownsville, Texas gives a very accurate depiction of the circulation of the storm and the intensity of the rainfall and storms associated with it. The radar loop shows a very well defined eye in the storm.

The radar scan from Corpus Christi gives a better image of just how large the storm system actually is. Some of the outer rain bands of Hurricane Harvey are already pushing ashore with the worst of the weather yet to come.

Forecasters with the NatIonal Hurricane Center believe the storm will make landfall along the middle Texas coast late tonight or early Saturday. The system is expected to stall but weaken over time. The center of circulation could then kick off to the northeast toward Louisiana by late Saturday or during the day on Sunday.

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