You can bet the faithful will be filing into Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge on Saturday night. By the faithful I mean followers of LSU and McNeese State will fill the stands with a rowdy enthusiasm.

Getting into the stadium may be the easy things that most fans will do on Saturday. Getting to the stadium and then back out of the stadium and on the road again might be a little dicey. Especially since LSU has changed some of the traffic flow procedures around Tiger Stadium for this season.

Michael Bonnet is Sports Information Director for LSU and he told the Louisiana Radio Network about changes in traffic patterns beginning with Saturday's first game of the season.There will no longer be contraflow on Nicholson Drive. There are plans to utilize the four lanes of Burbank Drive to ease post game congestion.

Last year with contraflow it had more of a stop and go effect. I think anybody that sits in traffic realizes that if you’re moving you feel okay about it, but it’s that stop and go effect that frustrates you.

To aid in traffic flow street parking will not be allowed on Nicholson or Burbank this year. There will be parking available on the University Recreation Fields along River Road.

Those will be used for SEC games when we’ll know that we’ll have many more cars on campus but all in all, I’d say probably the number of parking spots we have on campus is about the same from last year.

The bottom line is this, there will be traffic and lots of it. The best way to make the experience enjoyable for all fans is to just plan on there being lots of cars. Drivers will need to pack extra patience and remember to designate a driver to insure a safe trip home.