If you're going to have an American Dream you've got to have American Dreamers. The dream of doing the impossible has fueled our nation and its growth since the founding fathers came up with the idea for the country.

SpaceX is one of those companies that appears to be built on dreams but manufactured by solid science and engineering. They seem to keep introducing ideas that sound impossible but when put through the rigors or math, physics, engineering, and critical thinking suddenly seem as simple as walking across the street.

You've probably seen SpaceX videos in the past where their spacecraft lift a payload into orbit and then the rocket boosters return to Earth for reuse and recycling. Isn't that what a jet airplane is? A rocket booster that can be recycled and used again?

Applying space travel concepts to the basic model of air travel today creates some unique scenarios. How about New York to Shanghai in 39 minutes? Los Angeles California to Toronto Canada in 24 minutes? New York to Paris in 30 minutes? All of this is possible. It's no longer a dream. We have the technology and the science to actually do this.

I hope the day will come in my lifetime when I can "jump" Baton Rouge traffic and the tunnel in Mobile Alabama and get from Louisiana to the beach in less time than it takes to make a sandwich. When that happens the only big question left for science will be how to streamline the checkout process at the grocery store.

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