I have had the great pleasure of traveling and then leaving New York City several times in my life. New York is a great place to visit but for a small town schmuck like me it's not where I would want to live. That being said, New York City is a place everyone should see at least once. If you're planning to go, I suggest you watch this great tourist video done by a real local New York guy.

One of my pet peeves about traveling is seeing people eat at restaurants they could eat at in their own home town. Lafayette has made a name for itself by promoting its local restaurants, New York has some great eats too. If you want Italian, you will find real Italians in New York to cook for you. If want Greek or Indian or Chinese, there are entire parts of town where you'd swear you were in another part of the world.

While you may be on vacation in New York City, everybody else there is going to work. Remember that you could be, no you are, in the way. Be respectful of the people who are trying to earn a living. It's the same reason we honk at people from Texas when they don't know how to make a left turn on Johnston Street.

New York is an amazing city with great food, people, theater and culture. Don't be afraid to ride the subway, but get a map and understand it before you get on a train. Drink it all in, don't act like a tourist and keep your credit cards and cash in some place other than your wallet.

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