You go to see your doctor, he outlines a treatment program for you, you head to the drug store and then boom it hits you! That insurance that you thought paid for your health and medicines won't pay for the medicine your doctor wants you to take. So do you bite the bullet and dig deeper into your budget or do you ask for a generic? Are generic drugs as good as their brand name counter parts? How come insurance will pay for some medicines but not others? It's almost as if the insurance company is taking control of your health care, not your doctor. I think the only thing worse would be if the government took over your health care.

A recent report by Best Buy Drugs, a division of Consumers Union (Consumer Reports' parent company), examined the safety and effectiveness of prescription medications and found that generics are as safe and effective as brand names.

We do have some tips and guidlines that you can follow to help keep the cost of those needed medications at their lowest. Please consult your doctor and remember you have rights as a patient, pick up that phone and call your insurance company and MAKE them explain their reasoning. Chances are if you squeak loud enough they will suddenly change their opinion and go with the medicines your doctor says are best for you

(via Savings Experiment: Treating the High Cost of Prescription Drugs.)