It is iconic in its appearance it is the leaning Tower of Pisa. A bell tower for the town's cathedral that because of poor construction began to lean to one side after it was built. Who knew this misjudgment in construction techniques could turn a nondescript village in Northern Italy into one of the worlds most popular tourist attractions.

I have had the pleasure of traveling through the Italian countryside to get to Pisa. Let me just say this, Pisa is nothing with out the leaning tower. If it weren't for this structure Pisa probably wouldn't rate as a rest stop on the traveling mans itinerary. Every morning when the tour buses start to arrive in town Pisa's little shops and coffee houses suddenly come alive with hawkers. I don't begrudge anyone making a living but when I choose not to buy, you don't have to insult my heritage and family tree. Pisa is also infiltrated with gypsies. Real gypsies, the kind that live in wagons and are some of the best pick pockets in the world.

Despite the tourist trap mentality, the possibility of  personal theft and the most expensive public toilet I have ever peed in, the tower is something to behold. It's kind of cool to say that you have been somewhere in the world that everyone knows about .

One of the goofy traditions everybody has to do when visiting the tower is to take a picture giving the optical illusion that  you are holding up the tower. Everybody does it, I didn't do it but my kids did. These guys in this video found an amusing way to play with the tourist who were going for that once in a lifetime shot. I think it's kind of funny.

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