Tropical Storm Ida is not a very well organized cyclone. The top sustained winds in the system were estimated to be 45mph by the National Hurricane Center in the latest advisory on the storm.

Forecasters did suggest that conditions might be favorable for Ida to get a little stronger over the next day or two, but those conditions would most likely be short lived.

The movement of the storm will become almost stationary over the next few days as the steering currents around Ida basically collapse. This will leave Ida to just sit and spin in the tropical Atlantic basin. Some forecasters predict this practically stationary motion will result in some weakening of the system. This would be due to cooler waters being pulled to the surface by the storm.

Ida is still not expected to pose a threat to any major land mass, at least for the next five days. Most of the tropical models keep the storm in same basic position throughout the week. What happens after that we will simply have to wait and see what steering mechanisms take over to move the cyclone.

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