We are into the middle of August and officially on the steep climb into the peak of hurricane season. The high point of the season based on climatology is September 12 and since we are about a month away from that date it stands to reason that the tropical Atlantic is starting to show signs of life.

The National Hurricane Center is currently monitoring an area of disturbed weather that is closer to Africa than it is to any entity in the Western Hemisphere. It is the Cape Verde part of the hurricane season and to see systems rolling off the African continent near the Cape Verde islands is not  unusual.

Forecasters say the potential for this area of disturbed weather to become a tropical cyclone is rather high. They list that potential as 70% over the next five days. Should this system become a named storm it will be  known as Danny.

The tropical tracking models are in basic agreement that the system will track slowly to the west staying in the very warm waters of the tropical Atlantic ocean. This system is still the better part of a week or maybe more from any contact with inhabited land mass.

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