UPDATE TO STORY (11:51 a.m.):

Lafayette Police Department Spokeswoman Robin Green says they are releasing more information about a car crash involving a stolen vehicle that happened near Teurlings High School.

Green says Lafayette Police along with State Police and the Lafayette Sheriff's Department were chasing a person driving a vehicle that was taken in New Orleans during a carjacking incident.

The driver crashed the car into a utility pole, and then the vehicle burst into flames. All of this happened in the 100 block of Teurlings Drive right near the high school so they were evacuated out of an abundance of caution. They have since resumed a normal school day.

Firefighters were able to put the flaming vehicle car out. Green adds that the carjacking suspect has been taken to a hospital for observation.

UPDATE TO STORY (11:22 a.m.):

Louisiana State Police Spokesman Trooper Thomas Gossen tells KPEL that police were chasing a person in a stolen vehicle when it crashed in the area across the street from Teurlings High School.

The vehicle caught fire in the area near the school down the road from Pinhook. The car ended up hitting a gas meter, but the gas company shut off the supply.

The person driving the vehicle has been arrested.

No other details are known at this time.

ORIGINAL STORY (11:05 a.m.):

Officials with Teurlings Catholic High School issued an alert to parents letting them know about evacuating the school due to a situation with natural gas across the street from the school.

Nothing is happening at the school, and all students are fine. This is in the area of Pinhook Road right near Teurlings High School.

According to a KPEL news source, there seemed to be a car chase in which a vehicle crashed. After this, a gas leak of some sort began.

This is the message sent to parents today:

TCH Alert: TCHS campus has evacuated to st Gen due to a fire/natural gas situation across the street. All students are safe and accounted for. We will send more information shortly. Please do not come to campus at this time.

This is a developing story, and we are getting more details.

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