Every time I see one of these studies that seem to indicate that children need more physical activity to improve productivity in the classroom I just shake my head. We used to do that. When I was a kid in elementary school we all had to participate in physical education. Being a fat kid, P.E. wasn't my strong suit but went with the flow because that's what you did back in the day.

Many schools have all but eliminated P.E. from their curriculum. Okay, they have a class called P.E. but it's not like the aggressive games of the olden days when dodgeballs, kickballs, basketballs, and even a few trashcans flew furiously around the schoolyard.

Fast forward to 2018 where we find a study recently published by Tulane University seems to indicate that yoga is beneficial to third-grade students. The study indicates that in the test group students performed better academically and felt more secure emotionally when yoga was incorporated into their school day. 

It just stands to reason. Kids need a break from the books every now and then to refocus their minds. Heck, adults need the same kind of break from their jobs every day too. It's like hitting a mental reset button.

I think we should all try it. A daily few minutes of stretching and quiet time during our workday. Personally, I'd love to be there when the guys working on the road construction crews do a downward dog move in the face of impatient motorists. Maybe that simple act will bring those workers some inner peace and a small sense of revenge.


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