This Saturday in downtown Lafayette thousands of us will gather to show our support for breast cancer research. In doing so we will remember those that we have lost to this horrible disease. We will honor those that are fighting the battle currently. We will celebrate those that have won the battle and are courageously leading the struggle. All in all the Komen Race for the Cure in Acadiana is an amazing event, even if you don't participate in the "race" itself.

The battle against breast cancer is a very personal for me. I lost my big sister Linda to breast cancer in 1996. That's her picture and yes that is a much younger me hugging her.  Linda was the ultimate big sister. She was the protector of me and even when I got older she still had my back. Losing her was very tough and if I can help make it so no brother has to bury his sister then I am for it, and I bet you are too.

Here is how you can help me help the Susan G. Komen foundation provide mammograms free of charge to women here in Acadiana. As you sign up for the race, you are being asked to not only race, but raise. The" power of ten program" invites you to ask ten friends for ten dollars. The one hundred dollars you raise will pay for a mammogram. I want to pay for ten mammograms with your help.That means we need to raise one thousand dollars.

I am asking for at least 100 of you to donate $10 to Komen. When we reach the $1,000 mark I will dye my hair pink for race day. That way I can proudly tell anyone who asks me about my hair how you and I and thousands of other caring people are working to end breast cancer in our lifetime. I do hope you will help me with a donation and then be kind enough to share this on your Facebook page as well.


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