Cantankerous, opinionated, set-in-his-ways and brilliant, that's how I describe CBS essayist Andy Rooney. His passing at the age of 92 was announced this morning. Many times I cheered loudly after spending a few minutes with Andy Rooney at the end of 60 Minutes, other times I thought the man was a total ass. I think Andy would have appreciated the fact that his words could move me to such emotions. After all the job of the writer is to move the reader, or listener to a response. 

Mr. Rooney wasn't in a class by himself but the class he was in was a very small one. I liken his ability to craft words and ideas to that of legendary radio man Paul Harvey and televisions Charles Kuralt. All of these gentleman had the talent and skill to showcase the simple complexity of life and make its irony relate to us all.

I have already missed Andy Rooney's comments for the past few weeks since he announced his departure from weekly TV. I will now miss him even more. If there could be news reports from "the other side" wouldn't you like to hear Andy's take on paradise? I bet he could still find something to complain about.

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