Terrorizing is a serious charge. Authorities in the world of law enforcement know of no jokes related to the subject. They take each threat at face value and treat that threat as real until it has been resolved. They also prosecute those who would make threats against our schools, no matter what their age, to the fullest extent of the law.

Needless to say, after two Acadiana schools were threatened yesterday law enforcement officials and school officials will be investigating. And you can bet once they have a suspect or suspects those individuals will likely regret the choice they made to create a public threat.

Officials with Eunice High School and Iota High School say they will have classes today. There will be an increased security presence on both campuses following yesterday's threats.

In Eunice, the threat was made over social media. Police in Eunice and St. Landry Parish conducted a sweep of the school late yesterday and no threat was found. Deputies patrolled the school grounds during the overnight hours and there are plans for a very visible law enforcement presence to be on campus today.

In Iota, a threat was made against Iota High School late yesterday as well. That threat implied there was an explosive device at the school. A sweep of the grounds by law enforcement overnight revealed that there was no threat. School officials and officials with law enforcement say there will also be a visible security presence on campus in Iota today as well.

If parents have questions or concerns they are encouraged to contact the Principal's Office at either campus or contact the School Boards of their respective parishes.

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