Two University of Oklahoma students went from being young, dumb, and stupid to being young, dumb, stupid, and criminals on Sunday. The motive still isn't clear why OU students Samuel Holland and Lucas Miller were inside Tiger Stadium at Noon on Sunday.

We can only speculate that maybe they had never seen the inside of a real college football stadium and wanted to see what is was like.

Regardless of their motives, their college resumes will now include an arrest by LSU police. After the pair was spotted in the stadium, the two young men were ordered by police to stop. The pair thought it would be a better idea to run.

They escaped out of the stadium through a security gate but were quickly apprehended. Maybe the police in Oklahoma don't have radios but the ones in Louisiana certainly do. So officers were waiting to greet the pair shortly after their exit.

The two men were booked into East Baton Rouge Parish jail. After an inspection at the stadium, no apparent damage was done.

This is the fourth break-in at Tiger Stadium in recent weeks.In each of the previous three incidents, all of which were considered burglaries, suspects have not been identified. In the Jan. 4 incident, vandals defaced the field, though the damage was not considered serious.

In a November break-in, security cameras showed the images of two University of Alabama students defacing the logo on the field and causing damage to the playing surface.

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