Earlier this year the World Meteorological Organization retired two names off the list of names used for Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Hurricanes. The WMO is in charge of naming the storms, and currently has six lists of names. Names are recycled every six years, and are only retired if a named storm was so destructive or deadly that it is removed.

In September 2016, Hurricane Matthew was responsible for 385 deaths, and will probably be remembered in Louisiana as being the reason for the postponement of the LSU / Florida football game.

In November 2016, Hurricane Otto was the first hurricane to make landfall in a Central American country, and was also the first to survive going all the way across the country to the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Other hurricanes that affected Louisiana and whose names have been retired are:

  • Audrey - 1957
  • Hilda - 1964
  • Betsey - 1964
  • Camille - 1969
  • Andrew - 1992
  • Allison - 2001
  • Isidore - 2002
  • Lili - 2002
  • Katrina - 2005
  • Rita - 2005
  • Gustav - 2008

Here is the full list of retired names for hurricanes since 1954.



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