I remember watching "Stand By Me" as a kid, gripping the edge of my seat as the boys ran down the train tracks to escape the oncoming train. I was pretty young when I saw that movie for the first time. Even being a very young kid, wanting to be like the kids in the movie, the thought NEVER CROSSED MY MIND to actually try and reenact that scene. As grown Women, these two Indiana Women DID decide it was a good idea to try it, and barely made it out alive.

They were walking across a 500-foot-long, 80-foot-high train bridge when a train started barreling down on them. They started to run, but it became clear pretty quickly that they were not going to make it. So they LAID DOWN ON THE TRACKS and the train passed right over them. Shockingly, both women survived with no injuries other than a stubbed toe.

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