A viral Tik Tok shows one man reeling in a massive fish, but it is his significant other that steals the show with her camera work and undying support. Check out how one couple brings in the big one, with the man on the fishing rod and the ultimate hype woman recording it all.


Love and fishing are a lot alike. The best catches come when you take things slow and let the love come to you. That is exactly what happened in this viral Tik Tok where one couple showed off why they have such a great relationship with quite the catch.


As the man reels in what he believes to be is a big fish, his woman stands at the ready with the camera work and moral support to get this catch out of the water. At the first sign of the fish breaking the top of the water, the hype-woman kicks up her cheering a notch.


With all of the encouragement in the world coming from his woman, the man lays down on the dock to pull up the fish with all of his might.


The reaction from both the man and the woman once the fish is finally caught is as good as it gets.

Now, check out the epic catch in its entirety via @jusvon_n_urq on TikTok below.

*** Warning - There is NSFW language in this video. ***

These two should host a seminar on how to support your boo. I am sure this couple is just as rock-solid during the tough times, but I can only assume that because of how incredibly supportive this woman was of her man's big catch.

She really was the ultimate hype-woman!

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