Former WWE star the Ultimate Warrior passed away yesterday. He was only 54 years old.

Cause of death is unknown at this time.

On Saturday night, he and the WWE put years of bad blood aside so that the Ultimate Warrior was able to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

His birth name was James Hellwig but he actually legally changed it to "Warrior" years ago.

Warrior is survived by his wife Dana and their two young daughters, who sat proudly in the audience along with his mother as he gave his induction speech on Saturday in New Orleans as part of the Wrestlemania 30 festivities.

The Warrior made his WWE debut in 1987, back when it was called WWF. He quit in 1991, came back in 1992 and then was fired later that year. He came back in 1996, but was again let go later that year.

In 1998 he joined WCW but wasn't happy there and ended up retiring in 1999.

Some of the Ultimate Warriors fellow wrestlers sent their condolences via Twitter.

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