I guess if you truly look at it in the purest definition of the word using someone's else's credentials without their knowledge to enjoy movies and shows on Netflix is stealing.

Most of us don't view it that way. The same way those of us of a certain age used to use antenna wire and aluminum foil to bring Home Box Office into our homes without paying back in the '80s.

New technology has been introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas could make account sharing on services like Netflix a thing of the past.

The technology will monitor your account and password usage. If the program notices a lot of different logins using the same account credentials it could suspend or even terminate the account until the actual owner of the account verifies the information.

A recent survey of millennials suggested that 26% of them have shared their account credentials with others. That, according to Synamedia, the company that's developing the watchdog software, has made casual credential sharing too expensive to ignore.

The company says its software is currently being tested.  In the future, it will be offered to in-home streaming services such as Netflix and HBO. In the meantime, you can still pirate off your parrain or leach off your inlaws, at least for the time being.

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