Unless you are an old guy like me you probably don't remember the bag phone. It was the first generation of what we now call our cell phone. I remember having a bag phone back in the day and I thought I was pretty hot stuff.

Then came the flip phones, the iPhone, the reinvented Razor phones and now this! This new device from Samsung as shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is almost too small and too light weight if you ask me.

I am totally blown away by the flexibility but why do I need that? The only practical use I can think of for this technology is to make clothing out of it. That way we can video camouflage ourselves.

Imagine being able to cloak yourself in a virtual video of your present surroundings, this would make you basically invisible. I see this as a huge advantange for  our military and for people who want to sneak away from work and go to an afternoon ball game.

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