An EF- 3 rated tornado with winds of 136 and 165 mph tore through Andover, Kansas this past Friday night, and this incredible drone video shows just how much of a terrifying ordeal it was.

Andover Kansas Tornado Video
YouTube Via Reed Timer

Video Of Tornado In Andover Kansas

An extremely powerful tornado leveled dozens of structures as it ripped it's way through Andover, Kansas Friday night (4/29/22) and some of it's devastation was caught on drone video.

The tornado caused extensive damage as you'll see in the video, but thankfully no deaths were reported and injuries were minimal.

According to "more than 20,000 homes and businesses in Kansas were without power in the immediate aftermath."

Tornadoes in Kansas 2022
Twitter Via Ronelle Williams


In all, 14 tornadoes were reported throughout Kansas and Nebraska with no fatalities.

YouTuber Reed Timmer got some of the jaw dropping destruction on drone video -

"INSANE tornado vortex evolution captured by Dominator Drone from Andover, KS last night. Sadly, this tornado caused immense damage along a narrow path through the east side of Andover."



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