Lafayette's Greg Leblanc was so close to this monstrous C-17 plane yesterday that you can almost see what color the pilot's eye are!

Yesterday afternoon, everyone in Lafayette was asking the question "Why are there military planes flying around" and "Why are they flying so close?" Although it seemed like there were multiple planes it was actually only one.

However it wasn't just any basic run-of-the-mill airplane.

What we saw, and heard, was a humungous McDonnell Douglas/Boeing C-17 Globemaster III transport aircraft performing what's called a "Touch and Go" exercise at the Lafayette Airport.

You've no doubt seen tons of great pictures and video of the C-17 allover social media, but  this is quite possibly the best video you'll see.

Lafayette's Greg LeBlanc posted this video to his Facebook page yesterday and he's so close you can almost see the what color the pilot's eye's are!

Also, watch your volume because this plane was very loud, and Greg was very close.

Greg also posted along with the video "That is a C-17... Brings me back to my Air Force days!"

Thank you for service Mr. Leblanc.

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