What if I told you that finding a six-foot alligator in your backyard wasn't the alligator that you needed to worry about?

Taylor Soper couldn't believe his eyes when he saw what happened in his parents' backyard. His dad sent him a video of an alligator in a pond on their property. Upon closer inspection, Taylor realized the MASSIVE alligator had a whole other alligator in the clutches of its jaws.


The camera angle may be a bit deceptive, but for scale, the alligator in the mouth of the other alligator is at least 6 feet long. To put that into perspective, imagine a friend you know who is six feet tall being flung around like a rag doll by this dinosaur-sized gator.


Before you know it, the smaller gator is nearly swallowed hole with only an arm hanging out. What might be the most fascinating (and terrifying) thing about all of this is how effortless it looks as this gigantic animal devours a tiny version of itself.


I guess they call it survival of the fittest, but in less than 30 seconds, an entire 6-foot gator is nowhere to be found. The dominant alligator seems to dip its head back into the water—almost as if it's washing down the meal it just inhaled.


Taylor referred to the smaller gator as a snack, and based on his hashtag, it looks like this National Geographic moment took place in South Carolina's "low country" region.

Immediately, reactions began to pour in on social media as people literally couldn't fathom what they just witnessed. Of course, there were also plenty of jokes.

Even people from Louisiana who were used to seeing huge gators were taken aback.

To see this action happen in the wild was crazy enough, but to imagine seeing this in a backyard anywhere close to domesticated life is something that I never want to imagine.

I'm gonna do my best to forget about this before I close my eyes later tonight, but this is exactly the type of thing that I would file under "nightmare fuel."

What's even crazier, is that apparently, the 6-foot gator ate a smaller gator last week.

Yep, at this point, I would have already moved.

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