Vietnam. The word conjures up a mixed bag of emotions for many Americans of a certain age. It was a conflict that created more conflict here at home. It was a conflict that has left its veterans conflicted for decades.

But this is not about that side of the Vietnam conflict. This is about the camaraderie of soldiers and their search for one of their own. Susan Waldrop Garvin made this post on her Facebook page Memorial Day.

The young man pictured is a friend of Jim Garvin. The photo collage shows a picture of a young man from 50 years ago. He was known to his buddies as "Louisiana".  His buddies are looking to locate "Louisiana" and since he has that nickname the chances are he has roots somewhere in the Bayou State.

There is speculation that "Louisiana" served in the ARMY Infantry; D Company; 2/8th CAVALRY; Range platoon. Maybe you or a relative has a connection to that unit. Maybe you can help this group of veterans locate their friend.

Sharing the information on your social media accounts with friends and families seems like the very least we can do for these veterans. I personally think it would be quite wonderful to play a small part in finding "Louisiana" and letting him and his fellow soldiers know just how much respect and admiration we still have for their service and sacrifice to our nation.

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