You'd think a major retailer like Walmart would be all about catching and prosecuting criminals who steal. Obviously they are all about doing that when people are stealing from them but when people are stealing from you and I the retailer appears to be dragging its feet.

You might remember the EBT/Food Stamp card fiasco of a few weeks ago. Due to a glitch in the system many EBT or Food Stamp cards had their upper limits removed and shoppers just went  nuts. They cleared out shelves and stores and bought everything they could get their hands on until the problem was resolved. The money to pay for all of those items has to come from somewhere.

Police in Many, Louisiana have requested surveillance video from the local Walmart store in order to determine if crimes were committed, but according to a story reported by The Louisiana Radio Network, Walmart is being uncooperative in sharing that video evidence. In fact, a Walmart spokesperson said in the story that the retailer found no evidence of theft.

Really? No evidence of theft? Come on Walmart, who are you trying to protect?  I find this to be very disappointing in so many different ways. First, that so many people who are getting a free ride on the working man's back would act this way. Second, that Walmart won't at least cooperate with police in the investigation of a potential crime. I guess Walmart feels it is better at determining crimes than local law enforcement.